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5 Habits Every Successful Coach Must Learn To Grow To $20k/mth (without losing her sanity)

The Doers Way - July 20, 2020

Hi Lovely, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” This is how Sarah from Brisbane responded when I described the first trip I took after I…

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How I Got To My First $20k per month in Coaching and Consulting Sales

The Doers Way - July 20, 2020

Hi there, Grace here! Today I’m going to tell you the embarrassing, surprising, rollercoaster story of how I got to my first…

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How 10 Female Start-Up Coaches Hit $20k a month (And Their Top Advice So You Can Do It Too)

The Doers Way - July 17, 2020

Hey Lovely, Have you been working too hard for $20k a month, and you’re still not hitting it?  Are you feeling overwhelmed…

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5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make In The First Year of Business

The Doers Way - July 16, 2020

Hi Lovely, If you’re looking for common mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them, keep reading. I recently came across…

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Introducing: “The Freedom Metric” (And Why It Is The Only Number You Need To Focus On)

The Doers Way - July 15, 2020

Hey Lovely Lady, This is the first of a series of blogs I wanted to write for you… As I have a…

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The One Page Website That Got Me To My Freedom Metric (And How You Can Use It To Get Clients Free)

The Doers Way - July 14, 2020

Hey Lovely Lady, Grace here, And if you’re struggling to hit $20k/mth in your business, then today’s blog will be a game-changer…

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5 Entrepreneurial Questions All Business Women Should Ask Themselves

The Doers Way - July 11, 2020

Hi Lovely, In the last twenty years, more women in business are becoming full-time entrepreneurs.  In fact, since 1997, the number of…

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Hacks To Shift from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

The Doers Way - July 7, 2020

From The Desk Of Grace LeverAldgate, South Australia Hi Lovely, You’ve broken out of your day job and quit the 9-5… You’ve…

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Hosting A Virtual Event

The Doers Way - July 3, 2020

From The Desk Of Grace LeverAldgate, South Australia Hey Lovely, In this post, I’m going to share how we planned and hosted…

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