If you’ve got a business idea you want to turn in to a reality (or a current business you’re ready to relaunch the right way), there is a formula.

In the Kickstart Project, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies to avoid the overwhelm and fear that holds many female entrepreneurs back from creating the business they set out to create…FAST.

You’ll learn how we keep things very simple and learn the next step you need to take to build momentum and get runs on the board as a female entrepreneur. From defining your ‘why’ to accessing our Doers Toolkit to understanding your ideal customers intimately, you’ll walk step-by-step through the simple roadmap to getting your idea off the ground

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If you’re ready to harness your genius zone and become a 7-figure coach, consultant or professional services business, then the Genius Project will show you how!

In this 6 Week intensive online training program, Grace shares her most powerful learnings including the 3 critical stages in the Evolution of a 7-figure Coach or Consultant, her 24/7 sales machine and how to sell without “selling”.

She shows you how to turn your genius zone in to a course or program FAST and then equips you with her exact presentations, ads, emails, and scripts to help you flood your funnel and become a go-to thought-leader in your industry.

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As a newbie entrepreneur, Grace successfully harnessed the power of Facebook Ads to grow from nothing to 6-figures in 6 weeks and then to 7 figures in less than 12 months.

Now Grace breaks down the common Facebook myths and mistakes so many others make. You’ll learn her simple template and formula for creating successful Facebook Ads fast so you can harness this power too.

Discover how to get in front of your audience for the right price, craft your irresistible offer, write high-converting Facebook Ads and learn how to turn a Facebook prospect into a customer in just a matter of weeks.

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If you’d like to launch or grow your business using the power of Live Workshops, then this course is for you!

In this 6 Module online course, you’ll discover the exact strategies Grace used to generate over $1 million from almost 100 events with over 6,000 sold-out tickets.

She walks you behind-the-scenes on the formula she’s developed to fill a room with your ideal clients without big budgets. You’ll access her exact presentations, scripts, ads, emails and more to help you get in front of your ideal clients and host your own 5-figure workshops.

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Want the quickest way to grow your business? Sell high-priced programs and services 🙂

As an experienced coach, consultant and professional services provider, Grace is only too aware of how much easier it is to sell 2 x $5,000 programs than 270 x $37 mini-courses if you want to make $10,000!

In the Consult Project, Grace shows you how she creates her killer consult strategies, fills your calendar with high-quality prospects and close new customers with authenticity and integrity. Automate your processes and avoid the time-wasters with this incredible training using Grace’s strategies tested in her own business with over 2,000 consults that have generated millions of dollars of income.

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